We started by importing green beans, moved into importing coffee machines as Owolle and grew to the point we achieved the goal of producing our own coffee machines.

Owolle distributed in Korea the lever type coffee machine, and succeeded in developing the KOB lever type machine by learning and collaborate with the best Italian coffee experts and most recognized companies and baristas.

Starting from it, we successfully developed also a new semi-automatic machine and are now providing our high quality machines not only within Korea but also to our overseas customers.


We do our best to make coffee machines better than anyone else's and that satisfy every customer.

Owolle history

2007 import and retail of green beans

2010 Feb. we became Owolle

2010 acquired from Kobean the exclusive rights for the import of POMPEI and CAPRI coffee machine of GRUPPO IZZO S.R.L 

2012 signed the exclusive contract for importing the roasting machine GEMMA with SWEET COFFEE ITALIA S.R.L 

2013 signed the exclusive contract for importing the TORINO machine of SWEET COFFEE ITALIA S.R.L

2014 exclusive importer of the Aurora Giulia machine of 8B S.R.L  

2015 joint venture MOU with SWEET COFFEE ITALIA S.R.L

2017 first produced lever type coffee machine (KOB) in Korea 

2019 development of semi-automatic machine

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