KOB (King of barista)

KOB is the first lever type coffee machine in Korea

KOB is the first lever type coffee machine produced in Korea.

The lever machine is a machine that allows a perfect control of the pressure by using a spring. The extraction starts at a high pressure, so to obtain a coffee with a soft cream and a strong body, with a rich aroma and taste. In the second part of the extraction, the pressure is much lower so to reduce at the minimum the change of taste. 



The KOB machines is equipped with a stainless boiler. It's the most safe metal and the one that is widely used for food cointainers. It prevents the formation of scales and it is easy to clean.

Product infomation



​Group                 SIze                         Power          Boiler     Pressure     Portafilter size


​​​2GR      700 ✕ 550 ✕ 620/860       3500W        11.5L        13bar              54mm

3GR      940 ✕ 550 ✕ 620/860       4500W        18L           13bar              54mm